Carly Parker: Addicted

Carly Parker, a well-known porn star, made quite the impression when she visited the SCORE studio. Instead of our usual routine of shooting solo sets, it seemed like a waste not to have Carly engage in some intense action. Needless to say, after countless loads were shot, our male performers were left exhausted while Carly remained enthusiastic and ready for more. Now, let me tell you, I’ve encountered countless models during my time at The SCORE Group, and although it’s difficult to remember every detail about each girl, Carly is one I will never forget. There are certain memories that stand out vividly in my mind.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that Carly was a student at Florida State University and even belonged to a sorority. One incident that sticks with me is when she wasn’t performing well in one of her classes. Instead of studying harder, Carly took a rather unconventional approach by seducing her professor. She described the encounter vividly, recounting their conversation in his office and how she enticed him into having sex with her. It’s safe to say that she used her charms to earn ‘that A’ while being enthusiastically penetrated on his desk.

During an interview on the set for SCOREtv Episode 6, Carly surprised me once again by revealing that she had a butt plug inserted in her anus. This was certainly a first for me as an interviewer. When I questioned her about it, she explained that it helped relax her muscles before engaging in anal sex, allowing her to experience multiple orgasms during the act. She even confessed to occasionally sleeping with the plug still inside her.

Now, brace yourself because the last two revelations will truly astonish you. Believe it or not, Carly’s mother was not only her manager but also heavily involved in reviewing and critiquing her scenes. Yes, you read that right! This young, busty, blonde bombshell from Florida had her very own mother overseeing her career. I can’t help but wonder what kind of feedback her mom provided. Did she suggest more enthusiasm while giving oral pleasure or advise Carly on spreading her legs wider during intense encounters? The thought alone is mind-boggling.

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