Cheryl Blossom stars in selfie time

No matter the nationality, very busty girls usually get picked on in school when they’re growing up, and it often continues when they reach adulthood. SCORE and Voluptuous Girls have told us their stories over the past thirty years.

“By the eighth grade, I had the biggest breasts in school,” said selfie-expert Cheryl Blossom, a Voluptuous Model of the Year winner and winner of SCORELAND‘s first Model of the Year contest. “Children constantly teased me, so I didn’t understand that big breasts are beautiful for a long time.”

Now, Cheryl shows them who’s sorry. Today, she’s an international star and the kids who picked on her back then have nothing going on for them.

In this pictorial, Cheryl is photographed photographing herself, first wearing lingerie, then naked. She has a lot to admire.

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