Curvy Daria goes nude during solo action

This scene was shot after Daria graduated from university. Who doesn’t love seeing girlfriend-style college girls taking their clothes off? Finding busty students who will model for SCORE and Voluptuous magazines is my longterm goal. Remember Carrie Lynn? She was one of the great naturals over twenty years ago.

“There are two things I really love,” Daria said. “Music and sports. I love to go to music festivals with my friends. I go crazy when I am at these shows. I get excited even thinking about them. My other interest is riding my bicycle. I like to take my bicycle on country roads, where it’s quiet, not a lot of cars and the scenery is nice.”

Daria also roller skates, goes to the gym and plays volleyball. We thought so highly of Daria that she was invited to be a part of the On Location North Coast photo event in the Dominican Republic with seven other great girls.

“I like honest boys,” said Daria. “Be yourself. Don’t try to be fake. It’s better to be a real person. I like a man who does not pretend to be someone he is not and does not mock girls. A guy said to me, ‘Oh, you’re fucking Nefertiti!’ It sounded like the best and the worst comment at the same time. It is better to be a gentleman than to be arrogant. That is more exciting to me than anything.”

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