Defy the intimidating boss's demands or face the risk of being dismissed from your job

“Stick it to the man,” or in this case, the woman. You’re out of a job if you don’t! If this caught your attention, click here for a visual twist that breaks all barriers of the traditional office code of conduct (warning: not suitable for the faint of heart). No, this isn’t your typical corporate mishap, but a twist on what we consider lust and power dynamics in the workplace. Raise a metaphorical middle finger to authority, and revel in the audacity of it all!

Part-time office culprit, Bambino, thought he’d landed himself in hot water when the boss lady, Angie Noir, stumbled upon his naughty stash of her upskirt snapshots! Unbeknownst to him, Angie’s interests lay beyond just office decorum. Donned in a scandalously short skirt and a thong that leaves little to the imagination, she’s on the hunt for more than just an apology. Enraptured by Angie’s audacity and sex appeal, Bambino succumbs to temptation.

With discretion thrown to the wind, they find themselves entangled on her office desk, Angie leading Bambino down a thrilling path of seduction and audaciousness. Enjoying every second, Angie unabashedly experiences pleasure that makes even the most unconventional blush. The aftermath is just as titillating with Angie reminiscing the thrill of their intimate rendezvous. Originally hailing from Hungary, Angie’s risqué exploits in South Florida have propelled her to XXX stardom. By her own admission, performing in adult movies has made her feel sexier than ever. Despite considering her creativity and voluptuous figure as her best assets, she seems to have “forgotten” about an equally enticing asset. Browse more of Angie’s ventures here on ANALQTS.COM and embark on a journey of unabashed erotica.


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