Dirty at 30

Job: Customer service rep.; Age: 30; Birthdate: May 3; Height: 5’2″; Weight: 115 pounds; Bra Size: 34A; Panties: No thanks; Anal: Are you offering? BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: All the time.

Teens are great. Experienced and raunchy MILFs are wonderful. But, there’s something exceptional about a woman in her 30s like Kourtney. She’s fit, over-the-top horny, well-practiced and knows how to please. “I’m just a horny girl,” Kourtney told us. “I masturbate probably too much. I like to use toys, fingers and anal play. I have to get off at least daily.

“I used to get dressed up and go on dates,” Kourtney told us. “But I’m a tomboy at heart, and I don’t like dating too much. Dating apps are great for finding hookups, though. I can hop on, choose a guy, be at his house in a few hours, ride his cock until I cum a few times, then I can go back home, put on my pajamas and watch Netflix.”

Kourtney is inexperienced in front of the camera but not at showing off. “I love having sex in public and outdoors. I’ve fucked in dressing rooms, bathrooms, vehicles, on hikes, at the zoo, at the office, at an art museum…lots of places. I already told you that I’m crazy horny. Sometimes, I just can’t wait to do it!”

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