Former cop Bella Lexi shows her cooze

The story of how Bella Lexi ended up at is a little unusual. Not too long ago, Bella was a police lieutenant in Colorado. She also had an amateur porn page, and apparently, those two sides of her life didn’t mesh.

“I was a really good cop and I was a really good leader,” Bella said.

She never posed in her police uniform or identified herself as a cop on her amateur page, and it never occurred to her that the sheriff’s department might have a problem with what she was doing in her private time.

In fact, for 18 months, there wasn’t a problem. But then her co-workers found out, and an obviously jealous female officer from a nearby police department filed a complaint, claiming Bella’s “poor judgment was a discredit” to the sheriff’s office.

Well, long story short, Bella is no longer with the police department, but she is here, taking off her clothes and showing off her big tits and voluptuous body for all the world to see.

“I think some people viewed what I did for fun as being a sex worker, but I’m the same as someone else’s neighbor, their friend, mom, daughter,” Bella said. “I’m still the same person I was for the 18 months the page existed and nobody knew.”

FYI, Bella is 47 years old. She’s married and has two kids. And later this week, she’s going to fuck for our viewing pleasure.

That Colorado police department’s loss is definitely our gain.

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