Kat Marie, revered as the intriguing goddess, Kat

This story is about the divine, audacious and beguiling Kat Marie, also known as Mistress or better yet, Goddess Kat Marie. This naughty goddess is more than just a pretty face. She runs her own dungeon in Denver (yes, you read that right), does live web-cam shows, makes custom videos, and lives out a spicy BDSM lifestyle filled to the brim with all sorts of thrilling and tantalizing kinks. She’s into role playing and throws kinky parties you wouldn’t believe! Plus, she has these absolutely hypnotizing Vegas showgirl looks, to say nothing of her big…personality.

The guys over at SCORELAND had the pleasure of interviewing this goddess. When they asked what her sexual fantasies were, she flirtatiously replied with a twinkle in her eyes, “Being tied up by my partner and being at his mercy.” She also shared that what satisfies her best is cumming together with her partner at the same time. She stated that she indeed had relations with a man much younger than her – a college boy who was her “pet” for a year. Kat Marie also revealed another interesting tidbit: she loves being watched when she’s in action. She confessed that she’s quite the exhibitionist and indulges in this particular fetish during her monthly kinky parties.

If that doesn’t tease you enough, perhaps you might want to head over to SCORELAND.COM! There, you can see more of the breathtaking Goddess Kat Marie. Be ready for one hell of a ride – but be warned, it isn’t for the faint-hearted!

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