Kiki True is a chesty charmer

Look up cute, adorable and sexy in the dictionary and you’ll see Kiki True‘s picture. Here at XLGirls, we’ve caught Kiki in the act of pitching Nicky Rebel’s tent. She’s hotter than high noon in the Mojave Desert.

Kiki’s a little charmer at 5’2″. She has a naughty look in her big, blue eyes, heavy 36DDD-cup tits and a long tongue that’s perfect for licking every inch of a man’s shaft and balls. Kiki’s a gulping deep-throater with a shaved pussy you’d love to fuck. When she says “Cum in my mouth, please,” it’s an honor to give her what she wants.

Kiki sprouted young. “It is so funny. The kids in school used to call me FC for flat chest. Then it was like, Boom! boobs the very next year and nobody made that joke anymore.” We love girls who love their big breasts.

“I played tons of sports in high school and college. My favorite sport however was lacrosse. It was a brutal sport that I got to wear a cute skirt in. I loved that.”

Now all grown up, Kiki has a different favorite sport, but she still gets to wear cute skirts.

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