Petite brunette Victoria Voxxx tugs a dick for a job
As the title of the post says, “petite brunette Victoria Voxxx tugs a dick for a job”. The burning question is did she get the job? I mean it says for vs. at, which suggests that the job wasn’t hers, as of yet!?

Now, if you’re as curious a monkey as I think that you are, then I figure that you’re going to want to know how it all went down. A conclusion, you could say, because who in their right mind likes an ending that doesn’t provide for a conclusion? So, to wrap this thing up, click the next link to watch Victoria Voxxx give a handjob for a job, and see for yourself if she scored the gig, or not.

P.S. For more casting couch videos like this one, please follow the preceding link.

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