Red hot in pink

Rose is a woman with many talents. Growing up, she danced and played soccer and volleyball. “I’m very flexible due to all my years in sports,” she said. Although once a tomboy, these days Rose fully embraces her femininity. “I love to spend time in the kitchen cooking and baking. I’ll often wear heels while I do it to feel sexy.”

Like most women, Rose wants to feel desired. So she does her best to build up the anticipation and lust. “If I have a guy over I will often cook for him in just my underwear, so he can sit there and crave me. Visually he’s getting excited from seeing my body. Then I feed him the delicious food I’ve made, so his sense of taste has been aroused. I know next he’ll want to touch me, so I’ll let him give me a foot rub. If I like what he does, I might let him know what it’s like to have my soles wrapped around his cock.”

Sometimes things can get a little messy in the kitchen. You see, sometimes Rose likes to squish things between her toes, and that delicious cupcake becomes a treat for her feet. “I know it’s a strange thing to be into, but I think your readers will be able to understand. I’ve always liked to suck my own toes. So one day I got the idea to put chocolate on my feet and suck it off. I liked it so much that I just knew I had to try it with a guy. But not just any guy…the right guy. Someone who really loves feet and unusual stuff like that. I have one friend who I’ll do that with occasionally, but I would like some more.”

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