Snow job like this job

This scene of Vanessa Y. was shot during the winter. Vanessa appears at the sliding glass doors of the house, ready to come inside and warm up by getting undressed. Snow time means go time and show time for Vanessa.

Vanessa is probably still the leader in the number of comments she gets on her pages. Her fans voted her Voluptuous Model of the Year twice.

“I couldn’t believe it when they told me,” she said. “I didn’t expect it. There are so many girls who are more pretty than me.”

It’s more than just her prettiness that people respond to. Vanessa has a way of captivating the viewers.

“Sometimes I think my boobs are too big,” Vanessa joked. She often gives me the impression that she doesn’t get what all the fuss about her is and why guys can’t get enough of her. She often wonders why everyone is so interested in her. I could list a dozen reasons.

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