Tahnee Taylor says the third time's a charm

“A sure-fire way for a guy to get on my good side is to be honest and not flirt with other women while with me,” said Tahnee Taylor, who’s returning to The SCORE Group for young dick.

“I have done scenes and watched them with a boyfriend while having sex and we both liked what we saw. I have become even more open about my sex life since shooting my last scenes. My boyfriend loves watching my videos but I really don’t like watching myself.

“What makes me feel sexy is being adored by men and women while dressed up conservatively and sexy. I’ll wear a somewhat see-through blouse with matching bra, panty set with garter belt and stockings.”

Somewhat surprising is that a first date with Tahnee won’t finish with fucking.

“Sex on the first date. No, not even if it’s love at first sight because they can use it against you in the end.”

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