Take a deep dip

Poor young Raya is bored out of her mind. All she wants to do is go to the pool, but her friends are being jerks. All they want to do is hang out with their boyfriends. Raya wishes she had a boyfriend. Then she would have somebody to go swimming with her. And she would have somebody to kiss. Somebody to fuck.

Raya is 5’1″ and weighs 101 pounds. And, she’s easily distracted. As soon as she imagines having a hard cock inside her pussy, she has to masturbate. First, she takes off her shirt and her sports bra, revealing the cutest little titties. She squeezes and pinches her nipples and starts to moan with pleasure. Soon, she’s excited enough to run her hands down her toned tummy, into her shorts, and down to her soaking-wet slit. It’s not long before Raya is two fingers deep in her cunt and wailing from a hardcore orgasm.

Pool or not, Raya ends up wet.

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