The dynamic Milena Dutty stars in Pool Table Pounder

Get ready for a racy little tale that will undoubtedly quicken your pulse. We present this tantalizing glimpse into a wild game of pool between the unexpected duo – cheerful XL Girl, Milena Dutty, and her partner in fun, Vincent. They certainly aren’t playing by the regular rules of the game; in fact, they have their own idea of what scoring a point means. Now, Milena is a fabulous and fiery lady, all set to take her shot at the table. Vincent, on the other hand, has quite a different game in mind. He’s all keen on taking a shot alright, but it’s not at a pool ball. His intentions are far from innocent as he’s more interested in giving Milena a spirited pounding on that very table.

The action begins with Vincent lavishing Milena’s nipples and nether region with his expert tongue, and it only heats up further when he receives a salacious blowjob from the delightful Milena herself. Both of them can’t wait to take things to the next level, and Milena’s ecstatic gasps and passionate cries are a testament to Vincent’s masterful technique. If her reactions are any indication, he’s definitely shooting her to the moon with his skills. Milena later confesses, “In Vincent’s hands, I was like a doll. He made me melt with his big…you know…It felt wonderful, especially when he drove it deep inside me from behind. Watching the video later only reignited the fire.”

Now Milena is not one to shy away from expressing her desires. She admits that she gets intensely aroused by oral sex and loves being taken from behind in doggy-style positions. Throw in the thrill of possibly being caught in a semi-public place, and she’s in seventh heaven. The thought of being watched while she enjoyed herself on that pool table had her reaching ecstasy at record speed! Sneak a peek for yourself and share in Milena’s deliciously naughty adventures. But remember, it’s all in good fun and for the love of the game!

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