The individual is intensely addicted to the sensation of orgasm

Meet Harlow West, a 19-year-old student from Concord, New Hampshire who’s slightly on the petite side, standing at 5’3″ and weighing 100 pounds. She’s a pretty typical teen in some ways, but in others, she deviates from the norm significantly. Harlow is unabashedly open about her healthy and hearty appetite for pleasuring herself. The phrase “addicted to cumming” encapsulates her lifestyle pretty well. She isn’t shy about sharing that she has a preference for rough sex, and when it doesn’t quite hit the mark, she takes matters into her own hands, so to speak, often even immediately after the act.

She takes pleasure in her exhibitionistic tendencies, finding sweet satisfaction in seeing her partner’s reaction as she brings herself to climax. “I like it when the guy I just did watches me while I make myself cum. I’m totally an exhibitionist,” Harlow openly admits. It’s not surprising that her friends roll their eyes when she waxes poetic about her new sex toys or shares tales of her most recent earth-shattering orgasms – they’ve become accustomed to hearing about her exploits and adventures in self-pleasure.

But Harlow is not deterred by the reactions of those around her. She recently bought a new vibrator – a purchase she is evidently excited about. Using this in conjunction with her thickest dildo, she discovered a new level of pleasure that led her to squirt copiously – another exciting anecdote added to her collection. Harlow’s story serves as an intriguing window into teenage sexuality, highlighting the importance of self-exploration, openness, and unapologetic enjoyment of one’s own body.


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