The intriguing practice of tantric sex is explored

Hey there, you cheeky lot! Ever heard of “Tantric Sex?” Intriguing, isn’t it? Well, brace yourself because we’re shaking things up a bit with a classic gem from our very own SCORE legend, Chloe Vevrier. This sizzling sensation made two exclusive X-rated videos back in 1999. Now, before your curiosity gets the best of you, both were shot in London, in the heart of SCORE’s studio. By this time, Chloe was six years deep in her modeling career and had been on several Boob Cruises. The first spicy video starred Chloe along with the ever-prolific “Russian” Kathy and Kathy’s then-boyfriend, Matt. Now you might wonder who Matt is, just another ordinary chap, not some professional porn stud.

Now let’s focus on the second scene. Here, Chloe spices up the screen as she introduces Englishman Tony DeSergio to her unique preferences. This steamy scenario reflects Chloe’s new age ideology and lifestyle habits. No, it’s not all about chakras and crystals! She’s into yoga, meditation, and follows a “new age” diet. Ready to drop your jaw? That philosophy also infiltrates her sex life!

Chloe enlightens Tony about Tantric yoga (which involves getting steamy between the sheets). But she doesn’t stop there! She decides to show him a personal demonstration on his own body and then they get down to business. This is a clear deviation from the usual hardcore scenes that have been shot over the past three decades. Yeah, you heard it right! It’s not your typical “bang ’em” porn scene. It’s more like those in-depth sexual instruction videos, but way hotter!

You know what else? Tantra or not, Chloe savored every moment of Tony’s thrusting and he equally reveled in her bushy pleasure paradise and her famously large assets. But hold your horses, this is where it gets interesting! Chloe continues to model but hasn’t graced the camera with her intimate presence since this sizzling spectacle.

Intrigued yet? I bet you can’t wait to see more of Chloe Vevrier in action. So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of SCOREVIDEOS.COM and let the adventure begin.

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