Types of Sex Toys For Women

There are many things available in the market to make sex more pleasurable, one of them is sex toys. These toys make sex more interesting and can spice up things in the bedroom. Sex toys are used for self-pleasure or to make yourself aroused. Sex toys are available in many categories ie. some are for men, some are for women and some are for both. Let us talk about sex toys for women available in the market.


Vibrators for women are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. They have a motor which causes the vibration and works on batteries. Vibrators are inserted inside the vagina for internal sensation or to make feel like the penis rubbing in back and forth motion. Vibrators are placed on the clitoris to feel the external sensation. Vibrators are often used by women to satisfy themselves in sexual arousal when their partners are not around. Vibrators are used by men on their partners to make them aroused for sex.


These toys are often regarded as artificial penis because they are made to feel or look like a real penis. They are used by moving in back and forth motion inside the vagina for internal sensation. They look like a penis and are made up of materials like silicon, rubber, glass or wood. Dildo comes in different sizes to be more pleasurable.

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are used to cause sensation through nipples by pressing the nipples. Before using these clamps, nipples are orally erected by mouth or hand for the clamps to be applied to them. Nipple clamps are used in BDSM to cause pain and pleasure from nipples. You can watch 91Porn to know how to use nipple clamps.

Anal Toys

Anal toys are available in a wide range for causing sensation through anal. They are in the form of plugs or beads to create a sensation. They have features like vibrators or roughness for making the sensation more pleasurable.

Types of Sex Toys For Women

Bondage Toys

These toys are used in the bedroom for BDSM play. These toys include handcuffs, blindfolds, feathers, and shackles to make the sex more pleasurable and to explore the limit of sensation. These toys are used by lovers on each other for pleasure.


Always find a sex toy that satisfies one’s needs and desires. Sex toys should be used for pleasure and enjoyment. While using sex toys make sure they do not cause harm to oneself or not might hurt your partner in the process. Sex toys should be bought of good quality and should be made of good material. Make sure that you are not allergic to the toy’s material, which may cause you allergies. Always use the toy carefully and enjoy it without causing harm.

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