Unique yet interesting positions for oral sex

People may engage in sex in various methods, positions, and styles if they are creative and come up with positions that satisfy them and their partners. Because our bodies’ genitals are rich with nerves, oral sex may be a tremendously delightful experience. Oral sex is frequently seen as more enjoyable than other types of sexual engagement. Furthermore, some could prefer oral sex because there is no chance of pregnancy, and you can engage in it anywhere, at any time, without needing a condo or contraceptives. You only have a good time, so utilize it carefully.

Some of the many positions that are different yet beneficial for the two of you to at least try out are:

Giraffe Sex Position

This oral sex position goes by several names, but here’s how to execute it: On their back, one partner lays on the bed’s edge with their head barely protruding. The top partner is directly on the bottom partner’s mouth as the leading partner stands over them and leans forward. You can do this while facing your partner’s body or face, but for a seductive perspective and the opportunity to appease them, you might want to access the rest of their body. Since it is not very neck-friendly, this may not be the ideal blowjob position for the receiving partner, but you can easily make it one of the top partners lowers the penis into their partner’s mouth. Alternatively, if the bottom partner has a penis as well, the leading partner can suck them off simultaneously, converting the position to 69.

The Buffet

As the name indicates and suggests, there will be a buffet, and you are warmly welcomed. She elevates her buttocks a little higher as she bends forward, supports herself with her ankles, and does so. He approaches her now wet coochie from behind, holding her thighs as he does so. He starts the show by devouring everything within, and she enjoys being eaten out with delight like Escorts Classifieds models.


The face-sitting oral sex position, sometimes known as “queening,” is precisely what it sounds like one partner sits over the other’s face while they may lick, suck, or kiss their partner’s pussy. To make this a blowjob, have the recipient sit at an angle and feed their dick into the giver’s mouth to ease any pain or stress in the neck and to lower the chance of asphyxia.

A Pin-Up

This is the exact oral sex position that makes your head spin since it’s cozy for him, and she’s pinned up against the wall. The result is obvious. He approaches her pussy to begin eating up the delectable substance within and getting all the milk, and she simply relaxes with posture as she waits for her turn to smack him with the considerable blowjob.

The Kivin approach

The Kivin technique adds a sideways flare to the traditional posture, an oral sex position that functions to offer blowjobs and eat up the delicious vagina item as Manhattan Escorts gives the world’s best blowjobs. In this move, the provider lies parallel to their partner’s body while the recipient rests on their back. The receiver can put their leg over their partner’s neck as the giver licks or suckers their clit, which further opens the legs and heightens the clitoral sensation.

Unique yet interesting positions for oral sex


Everyone enjoys oral sex, but you don’t have to adopt the same posture or rely on the same techniques to appease your spouse. Try different positions and oral sex techniques to see what works best for both partner. With these interesting sex positions, you’ll be able to impress your lover by bringing your best performance to bed. You can also make her feel more special by slapping her and licking her gorgeous pussy.

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