We conducted a delectable taste test

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not your typical type of gal that’s into cooking or any of those homely activities. Truth be told, I’d rather kick back and enjoy some more…intimate moments, if you catch my drift. But let’s chat about a real aphrodisiac for me – a man who knows his way around the stove. Listen, it’s hot. Like steamy hot.

Now don’t get ahead of yourself, squires; I’m not saying that every single guy who can slap some ingredients together and produce something edible has an all-access pass to my pleasure palace. No siree, I may like food, but I’m also a woman of tastes – refined ones at that. If a man presents me with something inedible or just downright disgusting, that’s a deal breaker. As far as I’m concerned, a bad cook translates to a bad lover, period. All I ask for is something palatable; even the most humble of meals like mac n’ cheese will do as long as it hits the right spots on my tastebuds.

In fact, here’s a little secret for you: if a guy serves me his home-cooked meal, or better yet, feeds me himself? Oh boy, let’s just say the roles are going to reverse real quick. He’d best brace himself because he won’t even have time to blink before his world comes crashing down in the most blissful way imaginable. If you want to see more of me and hear about my tantalizing escapades, check out Nina Star on FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!

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