Alexia amusingly becomes a backseat driver after hitching a ride

Oh boy, buckle up folks! It’s time to talk about Alexia, the ravishing beauty who hitches a ride and then transforms into the backseat commander! It’s a sight that isn’t common in the SCORE universe. Hitchers usually lean more towards the teeny-bopper side, put on full display in the movie Stranded Teens. But let me tell you, busty hitchers like Alexia… now that’s what I call exciting. Admittedly, it’s a personal preference. Once upon a time, Kerry Marie hitchhiked her way into our hearts (and our fantasies). Man, I’d love to see more delights like her.

Now, you might think my favorite part of our little escapade would be when Alexia unveils her exquisite figure and captivating assets in the backseat. And, oh boy, do they captivate! But no! It’s when she is picked up in the street before the grand reveal! There’s just something about those slim girls with big knockers… real or fake, it doesn’t matter to me. Actually, let me clarify – I’m quite a fan of the fakes! Yet, sadly, I’ve never had the chance to pick up a female hitcher myself. So yeah, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

I first encountered Alexia at the Adult Video News Expo in Las Vegas back in 2005. She had graced SCORE with her presence, accompanied by her eternal bosom buddy, Danielle Derek. We later invited them to join Summer Sinn, Rebecca Love, and Crystal Gunns at our SCORE booth at the Expo the following year. They were decked out in the skimpiest SCORE two-piece outfits ever seen – only feasible if you’re slim-and-stacked. They were an instant crowd pleaser, drawing in a sea of gentlemen who managed to behave quite well. Many of whom turned out to be SCORE enthusiasts!

This was Alexia’s debut signing at a convention. She found it exhilarating, she once told me during a chat. While Danielle chose to embrace the wilder side of adult entertainment, delving into hardcore scenes and such, Alexia stuck with girl-girl scenes, specifically with Danielle. Unfortunately, she withdrew from dancing and modeling in 2010 – a sad day indeed. But enough of this mumbling from me; you must see her in action to truly appreciate what I’ve been rambling on about.

To get a taste of the illustrious Alexia Moore, visit SCORELAND2.COM! You won’t be disappointed.

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