Dr. Persian Monir bangs a patient

Welcome to our version of a comprehensive physical examination. Dr. Monir, who’s rocking a considerable cleavage, is assigned to look over her patient in detail. And let me tell you, she’s not leaving any stone unturned, or should I say any inch unchecked. The patient seems perfectly fine, but not so fast! There is one more area Dr. Monir needs to double-check – his package. Yep, you heard it right, his private parts.

“Oh, you’re in great shape,” Dr. Monir compliments the man while examining him. Unbeknownst to the patient, he’s in for quite a surprise. Before he even realizes what’s happening, Persia, who’s 54-years-old, has his manhood freed from its fabric prison. She’s unabashedly flaunting her bushy nether regions while enveloping his manhood with her mouth and hand. And guess how this check-up concludes? With the supposedly healthy patient climaxing right into Dr. Monir’s mouth.

Persia, a divorcee from sunny South Florida, takes immense pride in her bushy love nest. “Men seems to adore it,” she quips confidently. According to her, her lovers would be dismayed if she were to bid farewell to her pubic jungle. “I used to shave it completely bare once upon a time, but not anymore,” she divulges. As Persia sees it, she wants to keep her lady garden in such a way that men would want to spend as much time as possible there. She shoots back at us with a playful question, “Wouldn’t you want me spending as much time as possible on your manhood?” Well, we absolutely would, Persia! For those who desire more of this enticing doctor in action, check her out at 50PlusMILFs.com where she has a myriad of sizzling scenes under her belt.

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