A stubborn donkey is certainly something that one simply cannot refuse

“An ass you can’t refuse.” Oh, I bet that caught your eye, didn’t it? You’re perhaps reminiscing about that exhilaratingly cheeky scene involving Maddie from last summer. Yes, that gorgeous gal who made a hot afternoon even hotter. A friend of hers had rocked up to help with some yard work, but alas, Maddie had more tantalizing plans in her mind. Get this – she was sporting a skimpy bikini that left little to the imagination and eventually found herself indulging in the hunk’s enticing package.

Ready for round two? Oh, come on! Did you think Maddie would settle for another mundane rendezvous? Absolutely not! Picturing the scene already, aren’t you? The guy arrives once again, with his familiar query, “Hey, Maddie. You need me to work on your pool again?” With a glint in her eye, Maddie retorts, “That’s not what I had in mind for you. I was looking for another excuse to get you here today. I think we need to have more of that fun today.” And who could resist such a tempting suggestion? Certainly not the dude, he couldn’t say no…and he didn’t want to.

What follows next is enough to make even the bravest blush. Maddie’s seductive play takes a sizzling twist as she coyly whispers her desire. “I actually had something extra in mind. I think I want you to fuck me in the ass today.” A wild ride begins as he passionately devours her juicy snatch, fucks her tantalizing mouth, and penetrates her wet pussy. He fondles her massive tits poolside under the watchful eyes of potentially envious neighbors, before moving indoors for some steamier action involving that irresistible ass that’s practically begging for a nice pounding. Basically, there’s no moral here – just a universal truth. When a hot friend of the family, like Maddie, invites you over for some exclusive backdoor fun, you don’t hesitate! Ready for more? See More of Maddie Cross at ANALQTS.COM!

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