Angelique and the intelligent Steve are forming an intriguing relationship

Well, well, well, you certainly wouldn’t want to miss this! We’ve got a classic from 1995 stashed away in our treasure trove, featuring the voluptuous legend Angelique and the hunky male stripper, Steve. But before you get too carried away, there’s a catch. The link we’re sharing will take you to an old-style UK production which, dear readers, lacks the graphic nuances some of you are accustomed to. No, we’re not talking about low-quality images or poor storytelling – it’s the explicit nature of the content that’s been tamed down.

Now hang on, don’t go blaming the producers. The shots stick to an old-school style that leaves a whole lot to the imagination. No raunchy penetrative stunts or insinuations are shown in this one. But why oh why, you may wonder? Back in the day, explicit content was subject to restrictions in some countries. So, we had to play by the rules to ensure distribution wasn’t hampered. Remember, until 2000, most newsstands had their noses turned up at hardcore porn magazines. So it was all about playing it safe while still dishing out some tantalizing material.

But don’t fret, we haven’t completely lost our edge. Even today, we roll out a sanitized version of SCORE specially for the UK audience and other countries where they are a bit buttoned-up about hardcore stuff. What’s more, the no-hardcore policy doesn’t make it humdrum. It’s still absolutely delicious for those who enjoy innuendo and insinuation! So what are you waiting for? Click right here to enjoy more of the sensual Angelique at SCORECLASSICS.COM!

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