Discover Kristee Lix, a vivacious, big-busted wife, mother, and enthusiast of the swing lifestyle

Welcome all to the thrilling, exciting life of Kristee Lix, a delightfully cougarish wife and mother of two, who’s been packing more than her fair share of curves and enthusiasm for the past 47 years. Don’t let her sweet suburban look fool you, Kristee hails from Arkansas but has since put down roots in Oklahoma, where she and her husband lead a lifestyle that’s anything but conventional. “I’m no stranger to being watched,” she declares with a cheeky grin that only just hints at the layers of fun hidden behind that façade.

The secret ingredient to Kristee’s spicy life is her participation in the swinging lifestyle with her husband, a spree they’ve been on for a whopping 11 years. When asked about the wildest part of this journey, she vividly recalls their participation in raucous orgies that regularly host 40-50 people, throwing in a teasing “So much fun” to leave just enough to the imagination. While it’s clear that Kristee is always game for a good time, she also enjoys more traditional pastimes like karaoke, throwing float trips, designing T-shirts, and hosting lifestyle parties.

Sprinkle in her perfect day or evening, which would involve a blissful float trip on the river with a cold beverage in hand, surrounded by twenty or so like-minded friends from their ‘lifestyle family’, and we start painting a picture of an extraordinarily vivacious woman. Her dressing style? Oh, she always keeps it classy, opting for stylish ensembles that are age-appropriate yet intriguing enough to draw eyes to her tantalizing figure. “Sexy shorts with a sexy tank top or a cute summer dress,” she shares, as we can’t help but imagine all eyes glued to her voluptuous figure. Indeed, Kristee Lix is proof that life only gets spicier after forty. Reach out through to find out more about this gorgeous lady who is busy setting trends and breaking hearts in the swinging world.

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