Barbie Nicole asserts that bigger is undoubtedly better

“Get this, guys! Barbie Nicole just got even more eye-popping! Just when we thought she was done, she proves us wrong. Bigger clearly is better according to this bombshell. Not familiar with Barbie? Well, let me enlighten you- she’s a pretty popular figure who jumped right into the spotlight after her appearance on E! Channel’s TV series, ‘Botched,’ together with her dear pal, Cat. This lady’s no stranger to the camera, having posed for numerous SCORE photo shoots prior to the series. So, what’s her new move? She upped the ante and went in for even bigger boobs! Yep, you heard it right. And the thing is, she loves and cherishes big bosoms as much as (or even more than) any of you fellas out there.

Intrigued, SCORELAND reached out for a quick chat: “Hey Barbie, what size are you rocking now?” Barbie, unabashedly replies, “Well, my bra size is now 34M but guess what? I don’t always wear bras. I got these big implants so that my headlights can shine! Just occasionally, you might spot me wearing a bra when I’m modeling or for other entertainment purposes.” When asked if she had to order specific bras or get them custom-fitted, Barbie had a cool take on it. “I don’t bother getting my bras fitted. I still squeeze into my old ones which barely cover my assets but that’s what makes them look sexier. I just love the push-up look and I’ve never been fitted for any bras.”

“But can you actually find any off-the-rack bras to fit your new size?” SCORELAND asked curiously. Laughing, Barbie responded with a solid “Nope! But that doesn’t stop me from trying. I will still strut into Victoria’s Secret or Honey Birdette and force my two pals to fit into their 38F-cup bras. The brand does have 34DDD-cup bras but those just cover my headlights.” When questioned about her favorite bra brands, she declared her love for Honey Birdette and also admitted owning a few lingerie sets from Agent Provocateur. Moving onto the weight of her new boobs, she revealed, “My boobs weigh eight pounds each with my 2500 CC implants.” Well, folks there you have it, Barbie Nicole in all her glory. For more of Barbie, visit SCORELAND.COM!

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