Please apply gentle pressure to her chest if the shoe suits you perfectly

Well, you’ve heard the phrase “If the shoe fits,” right? But have you ever contemplated it in a slightly scandalous context like, I don’t know, “If the shoe fits, you must squeeze her tits”? Quite the head-turner isn’t it? Remember that girl Angelica Raven? She was actually first known as “Busty Becky” when she made her grand entrance at SCORE. She tells a tale of how she wandered into a shoe store and ended up with the manager in his plush private office (which also serves as his love nest).

Here’s a cheeky question for you: Is this why guys open shoe and bra stores? Food for thought indeed. Imagine an everlasting flow of women walking into these shops, allowing absolute strangers, who are most likely foot fetishists, to touch their feet. Easier pickings can’t be found! Angelica confessed in an interview, “I usually make the first move. I can tell within five minutes if I’ll sleep with a guy. All that matters is if he desires me.” She loves skipping the nonsense and going straight for what she wants, but she also enjoys teasing her partner a bit first. Because half of the fun is in delaying the pleasure until you reach your breaking point, only then will your sexual encounter be more rough and passionate. Just how she likes it!

When Angelica starts talking, she doesn’t hold back! She reveals all girls have a wild side, it’s just buried deep within some of them. Girls who turn to porn often have sex drives much higher than average, pulling them into the industry. They’re not interested in being treated like princesses; they prefer rough handling and won’t admit it openly. One of Angelica’s passions is light S&M. She relishes both roles – the dominator and the submissive. However, she confesses to getting quite intense when she takes control, which tends to frighten most people. However, that doesn’t dampen her enthusiasm! From spanking to dirty talk, she’s all in.

Sadly, Angelica disappeared from the limelight in 2004, only to reemerge in 2007 looking better than ever. She was leaner than during her SCORE days but naughtier. Since then, Angelica has been in and out of porn. Interested in seeing more of her? Just head to SCOREVIDEOS.COM!

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