The vivacious 48-year-old Summer receives a face glaze from her 20-year-old step-son

Get a load of this, will ya? Summer Stevens, a vibrant gal of 48 years, is our main player in this saucy tale. Now, Summer has her eyes set on a certain young buck. And who might that be? Well, it’s her 20-year-old step-son, Parker. Yeah, you heard that right. One fine day, Parker’s taking his shower, minding his own business, not knowing he has a keen-eyed audience. His very own step-mom is getting all hot and bothered watching him. Imagine his surprise when he steps out and finds her in HIS bed, pleasuring herself. But as Summer puts it, “Step-moms have needs too.”

Summer isn’t shy about what she wants. She needs to taste him so she does. And boy oh boy, does Parker respond! He returns the favor, eating her out and then proceeding to give her the ride of her life. When he can no longer contain himself, he does the one thing that sets this tale apart – he glazes her face with his virile 20-year-old essence! Oh, Summer is definitely left wearing a fresh coating of satisfaction alright. When questioned by “40Something” about her risqué lifestyle, Summer openly admits to having been with a man two decades her junior previously. Their meeting at a swinger’s gathering had quickly morphed into a passionate entanglement that lasted an hour, which was only the beginning of a long-standing casual relationship.

And what about swinging, you ask? Well, Summer is unfazed by eyes on her during the act. In fact, she rather enjoys the thought of others deriving pleasure from watching her in the throes of ecstasy. And she doesn’t like to waste time playing coy either. When the mood takes her, she’ll make the first move and set the ball rolling. So if you’re curious for more juicy tidbits about Summer Stevens’ wild adventures, you know where to go – 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!

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