Lolli Jones, a wife and mom, flaunts her strikingly voluptuous figure and irresistible appeal

Lolli Jones is a 52-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother who thrives off the thrill of being watched. Hailing from Alabama and now residing in Florida, Lolli is no stranger to catching men’s eyes. “Being watched is a huge turn-on for me,” Lolli confessed, revealing that her favorite spectator is her own husband—especially when he’s with another woman. She assuredly stated, “I like knowing they are getting turned on watching me get off.”

Sporting big assets and a voluptuous body, the petite 5’2″ Lolli is the embodiment of a full-blown sensual powerhouse. She is loved and adored by the audience at, a platform that celebrates women who are sexy and over fifty. In an interview with the platform, Lolli shared her hobbies, which revolve around reading, swimming and staying fit. She also touched on her sartorial choices saying, “For a normal day, shorts and tanks with no bra. For other times, I will wear a sundress or jeans and a dress top. I do not ever wear a bra unless I am in the gym.”

Throughout her life, Lolli had a variety of occupations. She served tables, worked as a correctional officer before retiring and was an office manager and HR manager for home health. But one thing remains constant: her love for sensual pleasures – culminating in her routine self-love sessions. “Almost daily. I have a love for cumming. I will play with my pussy with my favorite toy, which is the Womanizer DUO. Even if I have sex and get off several times, I still like to masturbate,” she says unabashedly. This offers an insight into Lolli’s uninhibited nature and desire to keep the flame of passion constantly burning.

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