Karina Hart is featured in a remarkable flashback edition of Score

Care for a little naughty flashback? Click right here and dive right into the exotic world of Karina Hart. Trust me, it’s a world hard to forget. The link takes you on an exciting journey into the mesmerizing times of Karina Hart, one adventure you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.

Wondering who this Karina Hart is? Well, she is not a regular fashion model. As a young lass, she saw her dreams of a runway career evaporate, all thanks to a pair of twins that were way too big for the ramps. “Once my breasts started to develop, I knew that I couldn’t be a fashion model. Models are all tall and skinny with tiny breasts. In contrast, I have big breasts,” she once revealed in an interview with SCORE editor Dave Rosenbaum. But did that stop her? Hell no!

Instead, she embraced her curves and took the adult modeling industry by storm. She discovered SCORE and Voluptuous on the internet and never looked back. Today, she is nothing short of a sensation, proudly sashaying before the camera, showing off what she’s got, and loving every bit of it. Want to catch more of Karina Hart’s exciting pictorials? Click right here and prepare for a visual treat that you’ll hate to miss! So, are you ready for your SCORELAND.COM! experience?

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