Vixen LaMoore, a dazzling model, is ranked number one by SCORE magazine fans

Vixen LaMoore, the #1 SCORE Magazine fan, was once just like any other big-boob magazine collector. Never had she imagined that she would find herself gracing the cover of such a magazine. This dream came true back in 2003 when Vixen was featured as the covergirl of February 2003 SCORE. At the time, she inhabited the vicinity of Blocksburg, California, and was in a relationship with a reader, an artist known as The Great Razooly. SCORE magazine and its models were a significant part of Vixen’s life, providing her with inspiration and influence. An event took place that furthered her involvement in the world of big-boob enthusiasts. She was beckoned to the SCORE exhibit at the adult conventions in Las Vegas, where she took on the role of a booth babe.

Vixen recounts her life in northern California, how she is well known in her little town, and doesn’t shy away from flaunting her voluptuous figure. On a daily basis, she sashays around town in form-fitting, sexy clothes, unapologetically letting her ginormous breasts steal the show. The irony is, even with her extra large bosom, her petite frame still accommodates small sized clothes. She nostalgically narrates her teenage years when she worked at Taco-Bell, earning minimum wage. She went to the extent of selling her car to get breast implants at 18. For Vixen, having gigantic breasts was a fulfillment of her fantasies, likening it to living in paradise daily. Her focus is on people who share the same dreams.

Vixen was particularly fond of fellow model Lolo Ferrari whose aesthetic appeal drew her in. She admired Lolo’s excessively large and round breasts, her femininity, hair, nails, and makeup. She even noticed a resemblance between the two of them that she found endearing. When she launched her website, she wanted it to be more than just a place to display her photos. She aimed to give people a glimpse into her life, share her love and knowledge of large breast implants, and connect with like-minded individuals. The joy and fun that come with meeting people who also appreciate big breasts is what she enjoyed the most. Vixen’s career, however, took an unexpected turn when she met with an off-road Quad accident which forced her to retire from modeling. She physically recovered but had to reevaluate her goals and career aspirations.

Viewers can enjoy more of Vixen LaMoore on SCORECLASSICS.COM! She might have retired, but her legacy and influence in the big-boob loving community lives on. Despite the trials and tribulations in her life, Vixen stands as a testament that dreams do come true, even if they are as unique and eccentric as hers.

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