The sweet life is beautifully experienced by Natasha Sweet

Give it up for the breathtaking Natasha Sweet! She lives the sweet life, daringly displayed here. Natasha’s charm and allure are ever tangible, even from a two-dimensional computer screen. Blessing us with her presence all the way from Italy, she graces our satellite studio in Prague, making it seem more like an exotic destination than a simple workplace. Her enchanting personality coupled with looks to die for – you’ve got to admit – Natasha is downright bewitching and one of the most tantalizing treasures in our collection.

Now, imagine being the lucky chap who gets to photograph this voluptuous vixen. You should know the job’s not as easy as it might sound! “Most guys are so busy staring at me and my boobs that they don’t know what to say and look confused,” quips Natasha Sugarplum. What’s hilarious is that she’s not exaggerating at all! Her arresting looks have left many a tongue tied, making them lose their train of thought. However, our photographers manage to keep their cool (major props to them!) amidst such ravishing radiance – it’s all part of their high-stakes career.

What’s our darling Natasha’s take on the sensual side of life? “I like any kind of sex with a new man. He should be really expert at oral sex,” she shares without an ounce of shyness. Natasha believes in celebrating her femininity and indulging in the pleasures of life. It’s no surprise then that she loves making videos; she gets to share her experiences and enjoy herself while at it. Curious to see more? Follow the link to feast your eyes on more of Natasha Sweet’s adventures at XLGIRLS.COM!

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