Bosom buddies becomes Two inseparable, jovial bosom buddies share a deep bond

Once upon a time, in the sun-kissed city of Miami, the big-busted duo Angela and Brandy Talore found themselves sharing a hotel room. The occasion? They were on location to film the excitingly audacious “Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling” DVD, alongside other voluptuous vixens like Annie Swanson and Cherry Brady. The two tantalizing temptresses were cozied up in the same double bed, a situation that just screams for mischievous happenings. Can you imagine being sandwiched between the lovely Angela and the enchanting Brandy for a night? Even the most stoic of men couldn’t resist such an enticing offer!

“Methinks, Brandy, if sleep is in your cards for tonight, I’ll need your side of the bed,” our fair Angela implored. To which Brandy responded with a defiant, “No, I’ve already claimed this spot.” Not one to back down easily, Angela fired back with an insistence for the coveted side of the bed. However, a little annoyance began creeping into Brandy’s tone as she questioned Angela’s demand. “Because Brandy, this side is too close to an icy gust of wind from that blasted air conditioner!” Was our resourceful Angela’s retort. But alas! Brandy stood firm with a solid no! What ensures was a playful pillow-fight-turned-booby-show when one of Brandy’s feathery shots caused Angela’s strapless top to tumble down, unveiling her stunning assets! And so, the lascivious action uncloaked itself.

By this time, Brandy had already marked her territory with men on-camera. Meanwhile, Angela was indulging her penchant for females, with her first encounter with an on-camera gentleman still years away. Now imagine them both capering on one lucky man. It sends your brain into overdrive, doesn’t it? Adding more fuel to the fire, Angela wielded a faux pink phallus, commanding her buxom bedside companion to pay it some attention. Yes, it was a wild night indeed. Sadly, this daring rendezvous marked the only time our busty bosom buddies crossed paths. Both, however, went on to become enormous stars in the adult film industry. But let’s not forget, they both started as SCORE girls.

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