Amber Marie loves to show off her huge boobs

XLGirls: Amber Marie, how long have you been modeling?

Amber Marie: I’m a newbie on the scene. It has only been ten months since I started modelling.

XLGirls: Who or what inspired you to model?

Amber Marie: I posted a nude photo anonymously on Reddit last year and it was such a rush knowing people were looking at me. So I kept posting photos for awhile and it turned me on like crazy. Once I gained a following, I decided to monetize it and I am loving it! So basically I was inspired from being insanely turned on by being nude on the internet!

XLGirls: Are you a fan of any particular models?

Amber Marie: There are so many! But I would have to say Demora Avarice, Alexsis Faye and Molly Evans!

XLGirls: Are you a full-time model?

Amber Marie: I have a full-time job and I do modeling part-time.

XLGirls: What was the best job you ever had prior to modeling?

Amber Marie: My favourite job was being a cart girl on a golf course! I love to flirt and that’s basically what I did all day! I definitely received some large tips when I would show off my cleavage.

XLGirls: What was the worst job?

Amber Marie: My first job ever was in retail customer service. I really didn’t enjoy dealing with some of the rude customers.

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