New bride Nila Mason grandly makes her entrance, radiating joy

“Here Cums The Bride”

Prepare for a sassy tale, every girl dreams of her wedding day in her own way, but few are bold enough to admit how much they anticipate their wedding night. Many guys too, have naughty fantasies of ravishing the bride of their dreams on their honeymoon bed, with her still in that tantalizing wedding gown and celestial veil.

In this racy story, our star Nila Mason gets ready for both her big day and even bigger, hotter night. She primps in front of her bedroom mirror, a luscious vision of femininity in a curve-hugging bridal gown. This is not your average wedding dress; it’s daringly low-cut and risks a nipple slip during the ceremony. Meanwhile, Angelo is practically bursting at the seams at the sight of her ripe, rich body.

He boldly enters the bedroom, ring held high for his new bride. They tease each other with what’s to come; in their world, it’s downright lucky to see the bride before the vows. And why wait till after they feed each other cake? Nila offers him a taste of her erect nipples, and he reciprocates with his ready cock. Their wedding bed becomes the scene of an early honeymoon before even stepping foot into the ceremony hall. Here cums the bride…and the groom.

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