Engaging in the intriguing act of Speculum Play

You won’t believe what we’re about to show you! For the first time ever, an XLGirl has decided to experiment with a gynecologist’s speculum right in front of the camera. Now, we know what you’re thinking, speculum play? That’s not common at all. Who enjoys watching girls find pleasure using this medical device? It’s an eclectic mix of the medical, the anatomical, and the sensual. Previously, we’ve had the legendary Autumn-Jade perform a photoshoot involving a speculum, but it was more towards the end. However, this scene with Laddie Lynn is on a whole new level.

Laddie can be quite the naughty girl. She has a keen interest in various fetishes, so she was intrigued by the concept of using a speculum in a video and photoshoot to take her audience on a tour deep inside her body. She wanted to give her fans a peek into her most intimate area. She also wanted to discuss, using her seductive voice, about how she uses the speculum and all the spicy things she can do with it. She teases us by playing with her large breasts and spreading her pink honey pot before she gets adventurous with the clear plastic speculum.

In no time, she rubs and caresses her curvy breasts while her fingers seek pleasure in her increasingly wet slit. The moment of pleasure reaches its peak when she inserts the speculum all the way in. Then Laddie takes it to a whole new level by inserting her fingers into it and moving it in and out of her love nest. As she finds her rhythm, the mic picks up every squish-squish sound coming from her juicy peach. It’s an immersive experience that you wouldn’t want to miss! And if you want to see more of Laddie Lynn’s naughty adventures, head on over to XLGIRLS.COM!

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