Madison, who is usually calm, has been moaning all day

“Moaning Madison” was just your average girl-next-door, with a twist. She was the victim of a classic case of betrayal – boyfriend cheats, girl retaliates. When her now ex-boyfriend dropped the disloyal bomb, she was left roadside. But then, like a scene from a twisted fairy tale, she was whisked away by a knight in shining armor – or more accurately, some dude in a car. Madison, not one to wallow in heartbreak, used the opportunity to remind herself of the beauty of being single by spending some quality time alone in her rescuer’s bedroom. There, she showed off her flawlessly tight body and small, perky assets. Who needs a cheating boyfriend when you’ve got self-love?

Yet, self-love was quickly replaced with a bit more hands-on assistance as the dude heard Madison’s moans from the other room. He came to her aid, offering a different kind of comfort than what she’d sought initially. Starting with a single finger, he soon introduced his full manhood into the equation. Madison, much to her surprise, loved every minute – bouncing up and down on him like a condom-covered pogo stick. There was no longer any sorrow in her moans; instead, they were now filled with pleasure derived from the deep drilling she was receiving.

You may ask – what happened to the cheating boyfriend? Well, with each then and thrust, Madison seemed to forget him more and more. All slights seemed forgotten as she enjoyed her newfound pleasure. In fact, he seemed entirely insignificant compared to the joys Madison found in this stranger’s arms….and on his dick. See for yourself just how quickly Madison moved on at PICKINGUPPUSSY.COM!

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