Eva and Sarah's exciting notty adventure captivates with its unpredictability

two copanions, Eva and Sarah, setting off on an exciting journey beyond your wildest dreams!

These two aren’t just ordinary friends, they’re more like bosom buddies if you catch my drift, as this grand adventure was a major milestone for SCORE Model of the Year Eva Notty. Why, you ask? Well, let’s just say she got to engage in some fun with her bestie Sarah Satori. Now Eva and Sarah are closer than ever, so close even a sheet of paper couldn’t slip between them! Eva was eager to bring Sarah along to SCORE and put on a show for SCORELAND enthusiasts.

Aha, Eva has a liking for girls as well, albeit the right ones. You know, girls who could easily rival her own attractiveness. Eva confessed, “I really love some male company, but if it’s a woman, I’m really picky”. Eva likes to play coy and let her partner take the lead, especially Sarah. “I prefer to be the subordinate one” says Sarah. These girls aren’t shy about their cravings, they absolutely love to be the center of attention. They’ve got their motors running for a thrilling three-way adventure. Haven’t you always fantasized about a trio? Well, these two bombshells are ready to deliver in Eva & Sarah’s Notty Adventure!

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