Agatha Delicious, a sensuous 42-year-old, is prepared and unprepared for intimate moments

This 42-year-old lady named Agatha Delicious is over here, looking every bit the beautiful cougar she is. She’s donned in a risqué outfit that barely leaves anything to the imagination but sparks plenty of lustful thoughts. Her nipples struggle for freedom beneath the red fishnet bodysuit she’s wearing, and she pairs it all with a short black skirt and sultry pumps. The way she talks dirty throughout the video, you can’t help but get lured into her web. Eventually, she peels off every piece of clothing until she’s completely bare. There are no shoes to be seen, just her naked feet. She proceeds to deeply fondle herself until nary a dry spot remains.

Agatha’s a fiery stunner hailing from New Mexico who loves to run wild with her sexuality. “I am sexually a free spirit,” she confesses with the kind of eagerness that matches the naughty glint in her eyes. “I have always been aware of The SCORE Group and adored their bold content,” she adds. When her agency told her that they were interested in working with her, she couldn’t believe how flattering it was. We, on the other hand, would’ve been absolute fools not to invite this stunning cougar to our studio to strut her stuff. Agatha, with her tantalizing allure, informed us that she has dabbled in various jobs ranging from retail, food service, customer service, office work to even web design and security.

However, as we always maintain, working for isn’t your average job; it’s an adventure. Agatha is particularly fond of women’s bodies. “I love their soft curves. Especially curvy, full-figured women. I’m quite slender myself, so feeling their softer bodies against mine is an incredibly sensual experience,” she confesses. As for her sexual preferences, Agatha admits that she’s usually the one to make the first move. “I seem to initiate everything,” she declares with a coy smile. Today, our arousal is undoubtedly sparked by Agatha. See more of Agatha Delicious at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!

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