Her initial audition was brimming with nervous energy

Meet Nikki, just another in a long line of budding models. But this young lady isn’t dreaming of high-fashion catwalks or glamorous photo shoots. Oh, no. Nikki has quite a different career in mind. She wants to be a model that’s known for getting down and dirty, and she’s more than ready to start.

She showed up to her first audition with a spark in her eye and an ambition that was quite refreshing. Hailing from the quiet state of Kansas, Nikki is currently a student, but she has other interests that are far, far from scholarly. You see Nikki loves… well, let’s say she loves “bodily interactions” as much as any other pastime. She was quite clear in her goals, stating, “Posing by myself sounds dull. I’ll do it, but what I really want to do is get freaky.”

Despite enjoying school, Nikki confessed to having some naughty thoughts on her mind lately. These thoughts may very well dictate the direction her life takes for a while. “I find myself getting restless in class because I’m always craving something more, something bewitching,” she admitted. “I need a job where I don’t have to repress these desires. I can just let loose and indulge them.” Well, Nikki dear, it seems you’ve come to the right place. The world can’t wait to see more of what you have to offer, you budding starlet.

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