The persona was dressed impressively to thrill everyone in the room

Venera is a knockout, folks. You see her in anything she’s got on, and it’ll blow your mind – that’s how good she looks. But here’s the kicker, Venera loves that hot-toy look too and she’s not afraid to flaunt it.

She slips into a tight, hot pink dress that hugs her perfectly sculpted body, like plastic wrap doing its thing on leftovers. Then, she twirls into some pink lingerie, a cute little nightie that leaves little to the imagination. But wait, there’s more! She comes out in a black number, all see-through and stuff, showing off that silky skin of hers. And then, there’s this tight white dress with a scandalously low-cut neckline – talk about major cleavage! Up next is her pink bikini (guess which is her favorite color?) and a snug pink top.

But she doesn’t stop there. Nope. She models a garter belt and then, brace yourselves, she goes all out a-la-nude, except for her high heels, and hops right on into bed. Trust me, this girl knows sexy and she wears it like a second skin. Wherever Venera goes, she’s got everyone’s eyes glued to her. You want more of her? Then go to BIGTITVENERA.COM!

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