The intriguing topic of office romances and sex in the workplace is discussed

Have you ever wondered about what goes on behind the closed doors of corporate businesses? Well, in every nook and cranny, in cubicles and corners worldwide, office workers are getting a little friskier than usual. According to the big brains in our IT department and their high-tech gizmos, office liaisons are occurring hundreds of thousands of times every day. So, don’t be surprised if your supply closet is the setting for some covert romance. Whether it’s in the bathroom, a utility closet, the board room, or even in a dimly lit stairwell, no place within the company is considered off-limits for some secret smooching… except for IT Offices, of course!

Now let’s talk about Dylan Ryder and Jolie Rain, shall we? These two office temptresses aren’t just waiting around for after-work drinks at the local pub. No, they’re eager to play and they want their fun right now! The time on the clock isn’t slowing down their desires. In fact, these girls’ passions run so hot, they’ve become the starlets of a juicy SCORELAND video double-feature. Trust us when we say that this steamy film will make your office life look like child’s play in comparison.

Want a sneak peek into their world? Follow the crumbs we’ve left for you. Head over to SCORELAND.COM. There you can see a whole lot more of Jolie Rain and many other tantalizing temptresses. You’ll find out just what makes these corporate sirens tick. And who knows? You might even pick up some inspiration for your own office escapades. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you about the potential heat wave heading your office’s way!

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