They'll do absolutely anything to close the crucial sale

Listen up, folks! We’ve got a tale here about the lengths some would go to seal a deal. Follow the link titled Anything To Close The Sale! to join in on the fun. Catch a glimpse of the main character in action, through the link provided. Nothing says business like a provocative marketing strategy, what do you think?

Let’s introduce our main player, Brittney. This fiery little saleswoman is out there pounding the pavement, selling magazines door-to-door. Her goal is simple: nail that final sale to win the sales competition. Then it happens; she rings the doorbell of a man who just might be her golden ticket. Here’s a studly fellow with too little time for reading, and a pile of muscle magazines filling up his spare time. But don’t worry, our protagonist has got this! She offers him an irresistible two-for-one deal and let’s just say, a little extra incentive, which becomes fairly obvious as she starts to rub his hard-on through his shorts. He’s not one to pass up a good deal, so he promises to buy all those magazines if she follows through with her provocative offer.

Without spoiling all the juicy details, let’s just say that this isn’t an ordinary sales transaction. Who would’ve thought selling magazines could be so sizzling hot? He shows his gratitude for Brittney’s persuasive skills by munching at her pussy like it’s the last supper. Then they’re at it on his sofa, he’s drilling into her like he’s mining for gold. Let’s not forget the finale; a generous spray of cum as a tribute to this victorious saleswoman. You really need to See More of Brittney Dreams at BONEDATHOME.COM!. Oh, Brittney! She truly knows how to win at sales – every which way!

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