The shining star of Canada brightly illuminates the nation's diverse culture and beauty

If you want to talk about a star, then you better be ready to talk about the radiant “Star of Canada.” You’d probably think we’re referring to a celestial body far, far away in the universe, but this star is right here on planet earth. This gorgeous gal has made a name for herself across the borders, and that’s quite a big deal considering we don’t usually get many modeling inquiries from Canadian beauties.

Our first encounter with Canuck talent occurred way back in the early 90s, with mega-breasted dancer Tiffany Towers, the first SCORE superstar from Toronto. That was when our magazine was still getting its feet wet. Since then, for reasons that utterly baffle us, the number of Canadian models trickling in has remained quite lean. A mystery indeed, given our magazine has an adoring fan base in Canada.

But then, like a shooting star lighting up the night sky, Taylor Steele reached out in the summer of ’09. This stunner packed an all-natural combo of a beautiful mug with a hot, curvy body, and stunningly big boobs. The sort that had to be captured on camera because, of course, she was that good! And so off we went to Canada on a boob quest – rather funny way to put it, isn’t it?

Our photographer, accompanied by his team, brought back this absolute gem of a video and photo collection. And wouldn’t you know it? He also managed to connect with another Canadian model, Taylor Stevens. She’s a slim, pretty gal who not only attracts TV cameras at Stanley Cup playoff games with her tank tops but is also known to distract rival teams quite effectively. I bet they weren’t planning on that!

From the first day, Taylor Steele blew us away with her vivacious charm and stunning figure. Our photographer came back raving about how she was even more fantastic than our high expectations had projected. She was beautiful, girl-next-doorish, and absolutely well-built. Sporting measurements of 44-30-38 with G-cups, Taylor loved showing off her gifts.

I remember hearing from Jose how she proudly announced to anyone who would listen at dinner, “I’m shooting for SCORE! I’m a SCORE model!” The excitement in her voice was so infectious! Fast forward to a year later, and Taylor Steele traveled to the Grand Bahamas with Natalie Fiore, Karla James, Jenna Valentine, and Arianna Sinn for On Location Grand Bahama.

You know what they say about Canadian resources, right? Well, Taylor remains one of Canada’s bustiest natural resources. So don’t just take my word for it – go and check her out at SCORELAND2.COM! You can thank me later!


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