A vibrant 56-year-old woman satisfyingly swings herself to climax

Meet Anzee, a swinging 56-year-old from Texas who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t shy about going for it. “I’ve lived a certain lifestyle since my early 20s,” says Anzee, a wife and mom who defies typical expectations of someone her age. She has one particular experience that’s hard to forget. It was at a party she recalls, where she found herself performing oral on a woman on-stage while simultaneously being pleasured. “Let me tell you, I was not expecting that!” she laughs.

Anzee’s family would perhaps be surprised to discover her adventurous nature. But her friends? They know Anzee. They know she’s an incredibly sexual woman. One of her memorable encounters involves a 911 Porsche, an open road, and a driver who let her take control while speeding at 70 miles per hour. “My long hair was blowing all over,” she recounts with a wicked smile. “There’s just something about the purr of the engine and the wind in your hair while straddling your man. And did I mention we were driving down the freeway?”

But don’t mistake her wild side for a woman who doesn’t appreciate the essentials. “Oral stimulation is king,” she declares, eyes twinkling with mischievousness. “But a good romp that hits my G-spot? Now that’s the bomb.” One story she seems especially fond of is from when she was 45. Visiting a friend’s riverside home for dinner, she found herself being driven home by her friend’s college son…all the way onto his lap, it seems! Anzee, a self-proclaimed exhibitionist, confessed that she enjoys being watched while having sex or getting off on her own. “I masturbate daily,” she says unabashedly, listing dildos and vibrators among her favorite toys. Despite the toys, here in the spotlight, it’s just Anzee and her fingers. It works for her. And we have no complaints.

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