TGIF indeed

We lost touch with Friday in May of 2001, after she moved from Oregon. We later learned she had moved to Los Angeles. She eventually phoned saying she was in Florida for a few weeks stripping at the popular Cheetah 3 in Pompano Beach so we photographed her again. If all the girls could be like Friday, life would be beautiful. She was always into the sex and spreading her pussy and never behaved like a mechanical sex machine.

“I was dating this guy who was a farmer in Oregon,” Friday told former porn gossip columnist Luke Ford.

“He decided he wanted to do porn. So I asked for one of his jerk-off magazines. It happened to be SCORE mag. I called them up and said, ‘I’m a model and I want to work.’ They said sure. ‘Do you do anal?’ I said yeah. They sent me down there with him. We worked together. We did 15 films together in Los Angeles, then I told him to hit the road because he was driving me nuts.”

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