Emma Hugg celebrates turning 18 by getting naked

Job: Cook; Age: 18; Birthday: March 24; Height: 4’11”; Weight: 98 pounds; Bra Size: 30A; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not my thing; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: I love my vibe; Lives: Gainesville, Florida.

Emma just turned 18, and she’s celebrating by exploring her sexuality. “I was gonna go to college,” she told us. “But I decided to take a little time and have fun. So I found a part-time job that allows me to go on a lot of dates, have fun with friends and just chill. So far, it’s been awesome! I’ve been meeting a lot of cute guys.

“I normally keep a small, well-maintained bush, but I knew I would be shooting these pictures for you, so I decided to go bare. I like it. It makes me look like a porn star! I hooked up with a guy yesterday, so he got to take my kitty for a test run. He gave it his seal of approval!”

Emma has big dreams. “Eventually, I want to get my pilot’s license. I love traveling. Even though I haven’t done much of it, the idea of getting on a plane and landing somewhere completely foreign intrigues me. If I were a pilot, I could get paid to travel and have fuck buddies in every port. I’d love to have boyfriends in Paris and Rome so I could visit them whenever I €ˆwanted to sightsee and fuck.”

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