Ellie is given an unexpected, big chance

Ellie has always dreamed of being a model, so when an advertisement for auditions popped up, she knew it was high time she seized her opportunity. Embracing the natural beauty her momma gave her, Ellie was more than willing to model in some sultry lingerie for the team. The request to do a nude shoot came next, and although she was a bit doubtful at the beginning, Ellie quickly adjusted her attitude to a more daring ‘what the heck’ standpoint. These were professionals she was working with, right?

The experience of being fully naked in front of the camera provoked a thrilling sensation in Ellie. She felt an unexpected but delightful sense of freedom and thought she could easily get used to making this her career. Then came another, more risqué request. They desired for Ellie to pose with a rather sizeable cock, and again, she eagerly agreed. With all inhibitions cast aside, she found herself even more excited than before. And, before anyone knew what was happening, Ellie found herself intimately entwined with her partner for the sake of the camera.

The team was impressed with Ellie’s performance and enthusiastically expressed their belief that she would succeed as an adult film actress. They promised to contact her whenever an opportunity crops up. Eagerly anticipating her chance to express her newfound liberation on camera once more, Ellie waits by the phone for that call. Want to witness more of Ellie Shae’s daring antics at TNATRYOUTS.COM?

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