The woman's voluptuous curves and tremendous chest were really eye-catching

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Let’s get up close and personal with our naughty diva, Lilly Carol. She describes herself as versatile, a bit more on the passive side, but don’t let that fool you, she craves a lot of attention on her bust – the mouth, the hands, toys, feathers, and cream scenarios all delight her immensely! Unfortunately, this damsel doesn’t get to satisfy her sensuality often, limiting her adventures to a couple of times each month. As for her preferred position, the good old missionary does it for her.

Now let’s delve into the kind of men Lilly adores: Tall guys with bodies like skyscrapers are her absolute favorite! The most unusual place where she’s had sex? The physics teacher’s office – talk about a science lesson we all wish we’d had! However, when it comes to playing with the back door, she finds it a tough topic to comment on, so let’s just skip that for now. Lilly’s up for new adventures though, as she admitted being open to a ménage à trois, given there’s a second man. Unlike some, Lilly’s not fond of swallowing, she prefers to spit.

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