Are you indicating that this seemingly confident girl is actually quite shy?

“Shy, you say? Are you honestly trying to convince me that this girl displays an ounce of bashfulness?” I laughed, pointing at the image displayed on my screen. The notion seemed ridiculous. But then, appearances can be deceiving, right?

Folks often shoot me a mischievous grin and ask, “Dave, aren’t you a little green with envy when these lovely ladies are filmed with some hunk they’ve just met, leaving you on the sidelines?” Under normal circumstances, my response tends to be, “Nope, not a bit. It’s part of the job, you see. Plus, I get to meet these fascinating women and see them in their full glory, up close and personal.” But with Kelly Christiansen? Well, let me tell you, the answer might just swing over to “Perhaps. Just a teeny bit. Or quite possibly a whole lot more.”

If you’re wondering why Kelly stirs up such sentiments in me, let me describe her to you. She’s a stunner, this blonde bombshell with knockout curves. On top of that, she possesses a charisma that’s pretty irresistible. She’s the kind of gal you’d be proud to introduce to your folks and then…well…you get the idea. Not right in front of your dear parents, obviously. Maybe later. Or even in the car.

Kelly presents herself as your quintessential girl-next-door. “People often say how down-to-earth I am,” Kelly confessed to me once. “They’d probably be surprised that someone like me would undertake what I do. From my attire alone, they might not bat an eyelid. But knowing my personality, it might raise a few eyebrows.”

When Kelly first stepped onto the scene at SCORE, she confessed to being shy. Evidently, that initial shyness didn’t prevent her from getting intimately acquainted with the camera. Over time, it seems SCORE has helped nurture her self-confidence. When she revisited, she announced her shyness was a thing of the past. “I’m definitely not as introverted as I used to be,” she told me. “That’s hugely beneficial for me. My husband enjoys watching me with other guys and he finds it thrilling that his wife’s a star.”

Good for him, I say. I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy watching her either. But I must admit, while this scene was being filmed, a part of me wanted to go all caveman on Shaggy, our in-house stud, and take over his position. Of course, that wouldn’t be proper office etiquette, so I let discretion guide me and decided to wait until the scene was available online instead.

“So, you think she’s shy now?” I asked again, eager to see more of Kelly Christiansen. It’s amazing how quickly shyness can turn into unabashed confidence when you’re at the right place, such as SCORELAND2.COM.

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