Adorable Hitomi and Lily Madison Part are Adorably Endearing

Lily applies the whip to Hitomi’s back and her voluptuous round ass, making sure it stings. Hitomi moans in a symphony of pleasure. Each stroke brings them closer to the crescendo of ecstasy.

Lily Madison’s domination of Hitomi was something of an historic moment in Japanese porn. For years, Japan has had strict laws governing what can be shown in porn scenes. While Hitomi had routinely eaten and dildo-fucked pixelated pussies on-camera, this was the first time she had done so without it being blurred and without any objection from her.

This scene was notable for more than the lack of pixelation, however. It was a demonstration of the power Lily had over Hitomi, a power that was used to both of their mutual pleasure. Lily ran the multi-tails of her whip over Hitomi’s body, making sure each stroke was felt and that it stung just enough. The pleasure that followed with each wave was palpable, and they eventually reached a crescendo that will never be forgotten.

It is our hope that one day soon, Hitomi will spread her pink, wet, unpixelated pussy for all the world to see and suck and fuck unpixelated cock on-camera. This would be a momentous occasion and we urge you to follow us and see more of Hitomi at SCORELAND2.COM!


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